Frequently Asked Questions

Tattoo FAQs

Question: Do tattoos hurt?
Answer: Yes, but it’s more irritating or annoying than painful. 

Question: Can I call and make an appointment?
Answer: We generally do not take appointments over the phone.  We require a $50 deposit (comes off of the final price of the tattoo), and we need to see the tattoo design in person and size it before we can give a price or set an appointment (see “Appointments” link above).

Question: How much do tattoos cost?
Answer: We have a $50 minimum for tattoos.  The price of your tattoo will be determined by size, detail content, and location on the body.  We CANNOT quote tattoo prices over the phone.

Question: Do you tattoo on a walk-in basis?
Answer: Yes.  If we can do your tattoo the same day, we will.  If not, we will set up an appointment.

Question: I have a tattoo design already drawn.  Can I get it tattooed exactly like the drawing I have?
Answer: Sometimes drawings don’t always translate well into a tattoo.  The most common issue is with people who want the smallest tattoo possible.  Tattoo ink spreads under the skin over time and we want our work (and your work) to hold up and look good now, as well as 15 years from now.  It’s important to be flexible when it comes to designing your tattoo.  Our tattoo artists are very experienced and will work with you to make sure you get the best tattoo possible

Piercing FAQs

Question: Do piercings hurt?
Answer: A little, but any pain you might feel is over as soon as it starts.

Question: Do you special order jewelry?
Answer: Yes.  We are not limited to what we have onsite.  We work with the highest quality body jewelry manufacturers on the planet.  Also, all of our jewelry is guaranteed for life against any manufacturers defect.

Question: Can I bring in my own jewelry to get pierced or stretched with?
Answer: Typically, no.  We only pierce or stretch with brand new jewelry that meets our quality specifications.  Even in the case of outside jewelry meeting our quality specs, we have no way of knowing whether or not anyone else has worn it.

Question: Do I need an appointment to get a piercing?
Answer: Typically, no.  You can usually walk in and get a piercing without setting an appointment.  Sometimes, depending on the complexity of the piercing, or if special order jewelry is needed, multiple trips may be required.