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If you want a small tattoo of some wayward droids, a nautical themed sleeve or the image of a relative or hero on your back, you'll be satisfied with the work of the artists at Mos Eisleys Tattoo Studio. We're a tattoo shop in Grand Rapids, MI offering a wide range of tattoos from a team of talented artists.

When you're looking for a tattoo designer and tattoo artist to customize your tattoo, you can always depend on us. Although they may be scoundrels, all our artists have it where it counts. They're all painters and have been to art college. They can create any image you're looking for, realizing your vision and more.

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If you're looking for the right tattoo shop in Grand Rapids, MI, check out Mos Eisleys Tattoo Studio. You can browse the portfolio of each tattoo artist and make an appointment with the one you think fits your style the best. You'll love getting your ink done here because:

Our owners each have over 20 years of experience running the shop, and our artists are all dedicated to the craft with years of experience themselves.

We're a fully certified and licensed tattoo parlor, passing and exceeding all health and safety codes every year.

Our tattoo styles are wide-ranging, from traditional to realist to sub and nerd culture to nautical and eastern.

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